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Matsu El Picaro 750ml

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Spanish Toro Red
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4.5 Stars
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Matsu El Picaro 750ml - Item Code: 08439

Discover Matsu El Picaro 750ml:

Elegant wine set from the famous Spanish company Matsu is represented by three great wines: “El Picaro”, “El Recio” and “El Viejo”. Fine drinks will decorate the holiday feast and underlined the importance of the event. Gift set is a solid gift, also a nice surprise and delight loved ones, friends and partners.

Winery Matsu, whose owners are proud of organic farming methods and strict quality control of wines, embodied in the triad of wine “El Picard,” “El Recio” and “El Viejo” perfection and wisdom. This idea is emphasized extraordinary wine labels, which inevitably attract the eye. Famous photographers Bèla Adler and Salvador Fresneda are the creators of a series of portraits of the three generations of winemakers Matsu, dedicated their lives to the land and vineyards. Wine label with a picture of a young man embodies youth, more mature man is an excerpt, and the old gentleman embodies wisdom.

“El Picaro” – is the new wine of the line wine Matsu. Its main feature is the strength and youth, and powerful structure with soft shell displays in taste rebellious, uncontrollable Spanish temperament.

“El Recio” – a more mature wine tasting in the line of Matsu, created from vintage 90s vines using biodynamic methods. It fascinates intense fruity aroma and a luxurious silky taste and long aftertaste emphasize fruit and mineral nuances. Despite the fact that the wine – bodied, it at the same time, very beverage.

“El Viejo” – a powerful, concentrated wine that embodies the true wisdom in the triad of wine Matsu. It is with the first sip fascinates intense aroma of ripe dark fruit and rich taste leaves a long and persistent finish with notes of ripe fruit and wood nuances.

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With a low viscosity (in other words, the liquid isn't thick), Tempranillo has a strong and structured taste. When compared to other black wine types like Cabernet Sauvignon or Teinturier, Tempranillo grapes have somewhat thinner skins. The viscosity of the wine is mostly determined by the density of the skins during fermentation. So, if you prefer rich flavors without becoming syrupy, Tempranillo might be the wine for you!

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4.5 / 5
82 Total reviews
91% Would order again
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    Fast delivery and good bottle!

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