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Barefoot Wines: Your guide to California’s favorite drop

Barefoot Wines 1Boasting to be one of the most awarded wines in the world, Barefoot Wine, from California, USA, has been in the game since 1986 and is produced by Barefoot Cellars. The winery was bought by E&J Gallo Winery back in 2005 but continues with the Barefoot name. They are considered to be the ‘largest’ wine brand in the world right now, and are definitely one of California’s favorite drops. With over 40 wines in their range, including traditional Champagnes and ready-to-drink canned wine spritzers, they have evolved over the years to produce consistently delicate ones for all sorts of tastes and occasions.

Barefoot is a customer focused company, even boasting to be the first winery to advertise their phone number (yes, you could literally call them up and complain about the wine, they used this customer feedback to improve their process, bottling and even the corks). The founders, Michael Houlihan and Bonnie Harvey, wrote a book on entrepreneurship, focusing on their unique approach to starting a wine brand, how they focused on technology first instead of tradition, and how they won their first award without being a French wine. Barefoot is one of the most popular wines in the United States, due to their consistency and their low price points, and available always at Broadway Wine N Liquor.

Who are Barefoot Wines?

Barefoot Wines is a California winery founded in 1965 by winemaker Davis Bynum. The name, Barefoot, as casual and unconventional as it may seem, refers to a free spirit of practice, which includes crushing bare grapes. Since its creation, the brand and its wine portfolio have expanded, now producing a wide range of premium wines that are exported internationally. In 2014 the company also entered the Australian market, growing grapes in southern Australia, one of the most popular areas for vineyards. Barefoot wine in Australia is managed by Jen Wall, who has been part of the team since 1995. Jen ensures that the essence of the brand mirrors the wines produced below. One of the most popular drops of the brand includes Moscato Barefoot, while other red, white and sparkling barefoot wines are also loved by the public.

Enough about the history, let’s take a look at their classic ranges, from bubblies to sweet reds, ready-to-drink cans and more.

Barefoot Bubbly Wines

Barefoot now bost 11 bubbly wines in their lineup. From their classic Brut Cuvee Champagne to their popular Pink Moscato Champagne. If you are buying for a party or wedding and your guests don’t know the difference between this and a $50 bottle of French champagne, be sure to buy it. If you make champagne cocktails and mix them with other things, these are a fantastic choice – there’s no point in buying expensive champagne just to bury the flavor in the mixers. And if you just want to try something else, there are a couple of unique sparklings in Barefoot’s range that are worth a try.

You may notice that Barefoot Bubbly is labelled “Champagne” and you may wonder, “how can they do that? I thought champagne could only come from France?”. Yes, it is true that the term champagne is legally reserved for wines from the Champagne region in France, but many American sparkling wines used that term even before it was decided to no longer use it for American wines. Wines labeled “Champagne” until 2006 were grandfathered in, which allowed them to continue to use the term while the region of production is also on the label (California, for example).

Barefoot Red Wines

With 8 red wines in their lineup including classic merlots, pinot noirs and cab savs, Barefoot are known for their consistency and easy-to-drink palettes. Whilst they are a ‘production’ wine, which is designed for consistency rather than a hand crafted wine made for character, they are extremely popular and continue to win international awards year on year.

Our favorite of the Barefoot Red Wines is the Merlot. The nose is quite tame (not too intense) and relatively simple with a soft plum and a delicate fragrance. The delicate sky is fruity with many scents of plum and blackberry. Like the nose, it is simple but pleasant. The tannins are soft and smooth. It is a pleasant wine, without complications. For the price, it’s very decent! Although it’s international wine critic score is 83/100, which in a world where wine lovers often want to only drink +90 wines, this is a really great value pick.

Sweet Barefoot Wines

If you love sweet wines, Barefoot has a great selection for you. From moscato’s to sweet reds and Rose’s, there’s an option for every palette and meal pairing. Our picks include the Barefoot Moscato, Sweet Red Blend, and the amazing Sweet Moscato, which is a juicy blend of moscato, zinfandel and grenache grapes and is simply delicious.

Barefoot Spritzer

The days when you only drink beer floating down the river because you can’t carry glass bottles are gone. Wine in a can is officially in the range, and the latest addition to Barefoot Wine & Bubbly’s is further proof of that. Our first tip that canned wines were coming was last year when Trader Joe’s Simply Wines appeared on shelves everywhere and cost about $1 per can. If this made last summer special, the new Barefoot Spritzers will tickle your imagination.

As for the ‘canned’ wine trend, we are all for it! Finally, wine lovers can bring wine to the pool or the beach, as many of them do not allow glass bottles. You can kiss that glass wine bottle away forever.

Barefoot Red Sangria Spritzer

The first option is the Sangria Red Barefoot Spritzer. This spritzer has a long citrus finish with berries, orange, lemon and lime flavour. A sweeter and lighter wine, this fragrance speaks to the classic spritzer style that was once bottled.

Barefoot Crisp White Spritzer

The Crisp White Spritzer is not as citric as the Red Sangria Spritzer, but with a spicy lemon-lime aroma with apple and pear aromas like pinot grigio. The other option – Barefoot Refresh Spritzers – is best combined with grilled vegetables, fresh salads or popcorn, this variety is crispy and refreshing. Dryer than sweet, this sparkling wine is a good choice for lovers of advanced wines and for preparing meals together with traditional white wine.

Barefoot Wines 2


Barefoot Rose Spritzer

Flavored with juicy peaches and spicy tangerines, this Rose has a sweeter than dry taste, ending with the sweet taste of raspberries and cherries. It also includes pomegranates and fumes that go well with fruit salad and cold pasta dishes. This basically means that it is the perfect bottle for all your exciting moments this summer in the water, from the pool to the river.

Barefoot Red Summer Spritzer

Like Rosa, this red wine spritzer gives you berry hints, but sweet peaches and spicy oranges shine through it. A good combination of dry and sweet (and Pinot Noir type), it’s ideal for those who don’t want a big sweet sip. It is combined with pizza, hamburgers and these hot, steamy summer sips.

Barefoot Moscato Spritzer

Surprisingly drier than the Red Sangria Spritzer, the Moscato Spritzer is what you need if you prefer a refreshing fruity fragrance. Peaches and tangerines shine, and these pairs are best combined with grilled sausages, jalapeno poppers or even spicier kebabs.