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Drink Responsibly

We’re committed to being a responsible wine and liquor retailer. As part of our community, we aim to create an environment that can be enjoyed by everyone, and we continue to develop new initiatives to allow our customers to enjoy their drinks safely and responsibly.

Proof of Age

As a part of our commitment to the responsible service of alcohol, we enforce the checking of proof of age identification. We take the responsible service of alcohol very seriously and want to make absolutely sure that we only sell alcohol to people of the proper legal age (21+). To be on the safe side I.D. is required if you look under 25. Please don’t take offence if we ask you for I.D. Think of it more as a compliment because you look under 25.

Don’t Buy for Them

Did you know supplying alcohol to a minor can incur a fine of up to $27,500 and/or 12 months imprisonment? The ‘Don’t buy it for them’ campaign is aimed at making adults aware of their responsibilities regarding secondary supply. We will refuse service if we believe that an adult is purchasing alcohol for a minor or a person who is intoxicated. No offence is intended and we will always err on the side of caution in the interest of safe and responsible service of alcohol.

Know Your Limits

Measuring spirit nips when pouring from a bottle is very important to drinking responsibly. A 30ml spirit nip (40% alc/vol) is the equivalent of one standard drink and it is very easy to go over the standard drink limit if not using measures. If in doubt, please refer to the alcohol volume percentage on the label. If the alcohol volume varies, so will the standard drink measure so calculate your measures carefully. Please note: when delivering an online order we are unable to deliver to an intoxicated person.