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Tanqueray Gin 1.75L

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Product Details:

Critic Score
User Rating
4.8 Stars
Product Type
Scotland, UK
International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2016: Gin & Tonic Silver International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2010: Silver International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2009: Gold International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2008: Silver
This distillery produces Tanqueray with 47.3% abv and a Export Strength release with 43.1% abv. Please ensure your merchant has the product you are looking for.
Critic Scores & User Ratings are based on an aggregated international Global Wine Score (GWS).
Tanqueray Gin 1.75L - Item Code: 03188

Discover Tanqueray Gin 1.75L:

Tanqueray Gin is a classic London Dry Gin that has been crafted with the same passion and precision since 1830. Distilled four times, Tanqueray Gin is made with the highest quality ingredients, including juniper, coriander, angelica root, and licorice. The result is a smooth, crisp gin with a bold, juniper-forward flavor. On the nose, Tanqueray Gin has a bright, citrusy aroma with hints of juniper and spice. On the palate, it is dry and herbal, with a strong juniper flavor and a hint of citrus. The finish is long and smooth, with a lingering juniper flavor. Tanqueray Gin is perfect for a classic martini or a refreshing gin and tonic.

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Gin Varieties

Enjoying a sweeping revival of modern cocktail culture, gin, also known as Dutch courage, was originally touted as a cure for cowardice and stomach ailments in the 16th century. Perhaps the broadest and most dynamic category of spirits in terms of flavor profiles and production styles. Gin is a distilled grain alcohol whose main aroma comes from juniper berries, and the secondary aromas of a dazzling variety of spices, herbs, fruits and plants. Produced and consumed worldwide, it is most often mixed with cocktails like Martini, or simply added to tonic water.

Review Highlights - Tanqueray Gin 1.75L

4.8 / 5
76 Total reviews
91% Would order again
  1. srs13 Verified Buyer

    This is my go to place for wines and spirits. There’s always a neat surprise waiting for you at competitive prices.

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