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Plantation Original Dark


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Plantation Original Dark - Item Code: 08716

Rum Varieties

From the pirate life on the high seas to the paradise islands of the Caribbean, perhaps no other spirit evokes a story as romantic as Rum.┬áProduced by the fermentation and distillation of molasses or freshly squeezed sugarcane juice, cacha├ža has an alcoholic content of 20% to more than 70% and comes in a range of shades from light to dark.┬áThe highest quality rum is normally produced in distillation stills and aged in wood, while the cheapest clear or "white" rum is produced in distillation stills and bottled without aging in barrels.┬áNaturally, rum is the basis for tropical cocktails like Dakiri and Mojito.

About the Producer: Plantation Rum

The Plantation Rum is an award-winning collection of rums of different styles from different parts of the Caribbean, designed by brandy maker Maison Ferrand, who bought and renovated the latter in 1989. Alexander Gabriel traveled the Caribbean for the next decade. find the best cacha├ža in the region and establish close relationships with distilleries. Gabriel and his team used their cognac experience to inform them about their rum maturation methods. They use a double aging method that dates back to Caribbean rum brought to France by ships in the 17th and 19th centuries. For the first few years, rum is aged in bourbon barrels in the Caribbean and then shipped to the Ch├óteau de Bonbonne in Charente. Here they finish aging at lower temperatures in French oak. The portfolio is divided into four bands. All proprietary blends are sourced from Barbados, and Grand Anejo is a rum blend from Guatemala and Belize. Unsurprisingly, Bar Classics are designed to be blended and include blends of white, dark and extra strong dark rums. An extensive collection of special editions, including vintage bottles, completes the line. This includes rum from Fiji and Peru.

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