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Pallini Limoncello 750ml

Product Details:

Critic Score
User Rating
4.3 Stars
Limoncello Pallini
Product Type
Liqueur - Fruit
Campania, Italy
International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2016: Bronze International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2014: Silver International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2013: Bronze International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2012: Silver International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2011: Silver
Critic Scores & User Ratings are based on an aggregated international Global Wine Score (GWS).
Pallini Limoncello 750ml - Item Code: 05756

Discover Pallini Limoncello 750ml:

Natural zest is made from the fragrant peel of Sfusato lemons from the Amalfi coast, which has been immersed in pure spirit for eight months. The result is a powerful explosion of smooth, zesty tastes.

Cordials have a lovely flavor and sweetness to them. Cordials are spirits mixed with botanicals or other flavoring compounds, as well as a sweetener and sometimes coloring, to create unlimited variations. They’re great for drinking after a meal, infusing a delicious dessert, and blending into vibrant cocktails. Cordials are distinguished from dry flavored spirits such as gin by their sweetening requirement. Regulations in the United States mandate that cordials and liqueurs have at least 2.5 percent sugar by weight and be manufactured from “fruits, flowers, plants, or pure juices thereof, or other natural flavoring elements, or with extracts” of those items. Cordials are non-alcoholic drinks in Europe. We utilize the terms in accordance with US legislation. The alcohol base for cordials is frequently neutral, but it isn’t required. Whiskey, for example, is a strong spirit that blends well with other flavoring agents. Fruits ranging from stone fruit to citrus and berries to nuts, as well as coffee and chocolate, aromatic spices and seeds, are all common flavors. Some liqueurs have a hint of cream to balance out the other flavors. Cordial makers have creative license with not only the alcohol and flavoring agent, but also how they’re combined, thanks to regulations. Some people use one of various methods to add flavoring ingredients after distillation. Percolation pumps water or spirits over the ingredients to extract flavors. Infusion involves steeping the flavor source; maceration requires more vigorous crushing of the flavor components before steeping; and percolation involves pumping water or spirits over the materials to extract flavors. Finally, flavor can be imparted by compounding the spirit by simply adding the flavoring extract. Similar to the gin-making procedure, stronger flavoring ingredients such as seeds and flowers may be distilled alongside the distillate for the second distillation. Cream liqueurs necessitate homogenization and other mixing techniques. After marrying flavoring chemicals with alcohol, producers lower the proof by adding water, which is usually sweetened and colored. Sugar, high-fructose corn syrup, and honey are all sweetening agents. In rare situations, producers employ rectified grape must, which is a sweet, concentrated grape juice that has not been fermented.

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Review Highlights - Pallini Limoncello 750ml

4.3 / 5
36 Total reviews
91% Would order again
  1. deathmetalcop Verified Buyer

    Delivery was fast. Highly recommend Wine N Liquor.

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