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Luxardo Triple Sec Orange 1L

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Product Details:

Critic Score
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4.1 Stars
Alcohol %
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Digestive, Cocktails
Color Liquor transparent color.Taste Taste liqueur - smooth, rounded, mature, elegant, showing the development of the citrus notes of fruit and herbs.Aroma The aroma of liquor is very deep, strong, with citrus notes, nuances of bitter curacao, herbs and delicate orange blossom.Gastronomy Liquor is an excellent digestif. It is recommended to use in its pure form or use in a variety of cocktails.
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Luxardo Triple Sec Orange 1L - Item Code: 08527

Discover Luxardo Triple Sec Orange 1L:

“Triplum” Triple Sec Orange – the classic “triple dry” liqueur produced Luxardo prescription that does not change from the first half of the XIX century. The name “triple sec” associated with the traditions of names of liqueurs in the XIX century. Liquor produced by distillation of the fermentation product of dry crusts of three kinds of citrus fruits: mostly Curacao (bitter oranges from the Dutch Antilles; cultivar is named after one of the islands), sweet oranges and tangerines “Triplum” made ​​from rectified the above three kinds of citrus, cutting off “the head. “and” tail “in the production process. Only the “heart”, that is, central and best part of the distillate is fed to a secondary distillation. The resulting orange alcohol supplemented with highly refined tincture dry orange flowers, extract of mint and marsh marigolds and other components that Luxardo masters kept secret. As a result of the mixed doubles liquor becomes complex, refined fragrance. Then the distillate is filtered, diluted with softened water to the desired strength and 39% sugar syrup is added.

“Triplum” – one of the few liqueurs companies obtained by distillation. Liquor comes in a patent protected dark green bottle square shape with rounded edges. In 2011, the liqueur was awarded a silver medal at the competition “WSWA Tasting Competition”, held in San Francisco. In the same year he won the double gold medal and the title of “Best Fruit liquor” in the competition “World Wine and Spirits Competition”.

Luxardo has a very interesting history. It was founded in the port town of Zara on the Dalmatian coast in 1821. Until 1797 the town was part of the Venetian Republic, and then became the capital of the Kingdom of Dalmatia, under Austrian sovereignty. In 1817, in the Kingdom of Sardinia consulate in Zara was sent to a citizen of Genoa Girolamo Lyuksardi. His wife was fond of home production of liqueurs. She is very interested in improving the “liqueur Maraschino” liqueur that is produced in Dalmatia since the Middle Ages, and is often done in the monasteries. As a result, she made liquor of such high quality that it has come to the liking of not only family and friends but serious connoisseurs. Then in 1821, Girolamo founded a distillery for the production of Maraschino. After 8 years of research and product improvement, the plant received an exclusive “privilege” from the Emperor of Austria, is a “high-level” confirmed the quality of the liquor, and the company continues today proudly carry the title of “Privilegiata Fabbrica Maraschino Excelsior”.

In 1913, the third generation of the family – Michelangelo Luxardo built a modern distillery, one of the largest in the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire. Until now, Zara kept this impressive building. At the end of the First World War Zar it was incorporated into the Kingdom of Italy, and the company became the most important Luxardo distillery in the country. During World War II after the bombing of the factory was almost completely destroyed, as well as the city. In late 1944, German forces withdrew from Dalmatia, but was followed by the occupation of the Tito regime. The vast majority of the survivors of the Italian population went into exile in other countries, but many were killed: among them – the fourth generation of family Luxardo. After more than a century of activity, the company Luxardo was destined to disappear. The only survivor of the brothers was Luxardo Giorgio. He had the courage and vision to restore the factory in the Veneto region in the town of torreglia (Padua). So a new chapter in the ongoing story of the family was discovered.

Today, the 6th generation of the family continues to produce well-known all over the world, Maraschino, as well as a full line of classic Italian liqueur (Sambuca, Amaretto, Grappa, Limoncello, “Passione Nera”, the herbal liqueur) and grappa. The second product line includes delicious liqueur concentrates for bakers and ice cream producers, fruit syrups, jams from Marasca cherries.

Luxardo is now the number one selling white and black Sambuca, which is appreciated and loved the bartenders all countries. CEO – Guido Luxardo is president of Italian Spirits Association. Liqueurs Luxardo – the only Italian liqueurs, high production quality and environmental standards which are certified by the British Retail Consortium.

Producer Notes: Luxardo

Luxardo is a drinks producer that is based in Italy. The company was founded in 1821 by Girolamo Luxardo, who was a pharmacist. The company started out producing liqueurs and other medicinal products, but over time, it shifted its focus to producing high-quality spirits.

One of the most famous drinks that Luxardo produces is its Maraschino liqueur. This liqueur is made from the Marasca cherry, which is a sour cherry that is native to Croatia. The cherries are macerated in alcohol, and then the resulting liquid is distilled and aged in oak barrels. The resulting liqueur has a sweet, fruity flavor with a hint of almond.

In addition to Maraschino liqueur, Luxardo also produces a range of other liqueurs, including Amaretto, Limoncello, and Sambuca. The company also produces a range of spirits, including gin, vodka, and grappa.

Luxardo is known for its commitment to quality and tradition. The company still uses the same recipe for its Maraschino liqueur that it did when it was first produced in the 19th century. The company also uses only the highest quality ingredients, and it carefully controls every step of the production process to ensure that its products are of the highest quality.

Overall, Luxardo is a drinks producer that is known for its high-quality liqueurs and spirits. The company has a long history of producing some of the finest drinks in Italy, and it continues to be a leader in the industry today.

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Liqueurs are an alcoholic beverage made from distilled spirits and other ingredients including sugar, fruits, herbs, and spices. They are usually highly sweetened and un-aged beyond a resting time during manufacturing, if required, allowing their tastes to mix, and are often served with or after dessert.

Liquor, on the other hand, is sweet by nature, while liquor has a powerful taste that is everything from sweet. This word is really used to describe these sweetened spirits prepared with various tastes and extracts. One of the many reasons the two words are confused is because rum, brandy, and whiskey may all be used as a base spirit for liqueur. Liqueurs are liquors that have been sweetened and diluted. Liqueurs typically have an alcohol level of about 15% (compared to 40% in liqueurs), although they may reach up to 55%.

Liquors come in a variety of tastes, ranging from sweet and creamy to citrus-flavored and everything in between. Because many liqueurs are sweet and smooth, they may frequently be drunk without mixers or complex cocktail recipes.

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    Their store is branded differently than this website, but it’s the same shop. Very good range, plenty to choose from.

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