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Everclear Grain Alcohol 1.75L

Product Details:

Critic Score
User Rating
4.1 Stars
Alcohol %
Product Type
Grain alcohol / vodka
St. Louis, Missouri, USA
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Everclear Grain Alcohol 1.75L - Item Code: 06224

Discover Everclear Grain Alcohol 1.75L:

Everclear 1.75L is a brand of rectified alcohol produced by the American Luxco. It is made of grains and bottled in 60%, 75.5%, 94.5% and 95% alcohol by volume. Due to its prevalence in the market and its high alcohol content, this product has become an iconic product and has earned a “notorious reputation” in popular culture. Everclear is a grain liqueur with a smooth and clean finish. It is great for mixing drinks and is ideal for cooking because the high alcohol content allows the flavor of the food to unfold.

Grain alcohol is a purified form of ethyl alcohol (ethanol) obtained from the distillation of fermented grains. Ethanol is produced by fermenting sugars in the grain with yeast before redistillation or rectification. The term “grain alcohol” can be used to refer to any ethanol made from grains or other agricultural sources (like beer or vodka), or it can be reserved to describe an alcohol that is at least 90% pure (like Everclear). ..

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Moonshine Varieties

Known as moonshine, this high-proof liquor has been and continues to be manufactured illegally, without the permission of the government. The name comes from a habit of making alcoholic beverages by night in order to avoid being discovered by law enforcement officers. Outside of a licensed distillery, the production of such beverages is still prohibited in the majority of countries.

Recently, commercial producers have begun to label some of their products as "moonshine", a term that has become increasingly popular.

Review Highlights - Everclear Grain Alcohol 1.75L

4.1 / 5
43 Total reviews
91% Would order again
  1. bmanpyro Verified Buyer

    It’s decent. We ordered delivery and it came the next morning which was fast cause we are out of the city.

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