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Espolon Tequila Blanco 1.75L


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Digestive, Lime, Salt, Cocktails, Sangrita, Mexican Cuisine
Color Tequila pure, clear color with a silvery hue. Taste Soft, smooth taste of tequila agave playing with bright colors, complemented by nuances of vanilla, pineapple, pepper and spices. Clean, elegant finish replete with nuances of tropical fruit and pepper. Aroma The delicate flavor of strong drink disclosed sweet flavors of agave, herbal nuances, shades of lemon peel, tropical fruit and pepper. Gastronomy Tequila excellent in pure form, and a salt with conventional lime or slices paired with Sangrita. Good cocktails and as an ingredient addition to Mexican cuisine.
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Espolon Tequila Blanco 1.75L - Item Code: 08462

“Espolon” Blanco – tequila “premium” class with a soft, rich, silky taste and interesting aromatic bouquet created from the blue agave plant, collected in the highlands of Los Altos in the state Halisiko. The drink is born in the walls of the plant “Destiladora San Nicolas”, awarded the title of “Best Plant in Mexico.”

After collection, the agave is divided into several parts and send in a preheated oven stone for what would she became softer. For the production of tequila “Espol√≥n” This procedure takes about 20 hours. Then the juice is squeezed from the plant, and it is mixed with pure water and special yeast. The resulting beverage is poured into barrels for fermentation week. The mixture is transformed into a light liquor, and then subjected to distillation, which for tequila “Espol√≥n” lasts about 5.5 hours, unlike other brands of drinks, where distillation takes less than 3.5 hours. As a result, a very soft drink with a unique, multi-faceted taste and rich aroma.

No less unique and bottle design “Espolon” Blanco – label adorns skeleton riding a prancing cock. Illustrated – artist Stephen Noybl – create a logo in the style of “Dia-de-los-Muertos” (“Day of the Dead”). According to his idea, the label symbolizes the long struggle of the Mexican people for their freedom and turning points in the history of Mexico. This move is intended to emphasize that tequila has a unique, truly Mexican character.

Tequila “Espolon” Blanco has been awarded many prestigious competitions:

– Gold Medal at the “International Review and Spirits, 2010”;

– Finalist of “Ultimate Spirits Competition, 2011”;

– Double gold for “San Francisco World Spirits Competition, 2011”;

– Silver Medal at the “International Wine and Spirits Competition, 2012”.

Brand “Espolon” owned “Destiladora San Nicolas”, which has been producing high quality tequila. The company is located in Guadalajara and has existed since 1996. Since November 2008, it became part of the Italian company Gruppo Campari.

Tequila Varieties

First produced in the 16th century, when Spanish conquerors ran out of cognac during their expedition to the New World, tequila is made by distilling the juice from the heart of a blue agave native to Jalisco, Mexico. Tequila comes in a variety of colors, from the transparent and unrestrained, known as Blanco, to the darkest aged in Reposado, Anejo and Extra Anejo vats. Popular as a main ingredient in refreshing margaritas, it is also commonly consumed pure or with the addition of lemon and salt.

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