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El Coto Crianza Rioja Reserve 2015 750ml


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El Coto Crianza Rioja Reserve 2015 750ml - Item Code: 08793

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Rioja is a Spanish wine area where grapes are produced in the autonomous community of La Rioja and Navarre, as well as the Basque province of Lava. Rioja is split into three zones: Alta Rioja, Oriental Rioja, and Alavesa Rioja. Many wines have historically combined grape varieties from all three areas, but single-zone wines are becoming more popular.

Rioja is made from a variety of grapes, with Tempranillo being the most prominent. Garnacha is often used to give fruitiness to the mix; Mazuelo (sometimes called as Cariena) and Graciano may also be used.

Rioja wine, like Cabernet Sauvignon, is renowned for its structure and tannins, but it also has a fruity flavor. This makes it ideal for wine lovers who like Cabernet but also want to taste the strong cherry flavor found in Pinot Noir wines.

Rioja is as age-worthy as Bordeaux and Burgundy wines, although it is less well-known than its more well-known counterparts. This means that a fantastic bottle of age-worthy Rioja can be had for a fraction of the price of a comparable bottle of Bordeaux or Burgundy. Rioja wine, like many other Old World wines, gets its name from the Rioja area where it is produced.

About the Producer: El Coto de Rioja

El Coto de Rioja is one of the biggest wine producers in Spain. It is based in Oyon, in Rioja, and is best known for its tempranillo-dominated red wines, typical of the Rioja DOCa region. El Coto was founded in 1970 and produced its first vintage in 1975. It achieved success relatively quickly and worked on expansion and modernization. equipment. Between 1990 and 1997, the winery doubled to become the first Spanish winery to be listed on the national stock exchange. The winery has grown to over 70,000 barrels, with an average age of around three years, to meet the different aging needs of Rioja wines. El Coto now exports its wines to over 50 countries, making them one of the most affordable Spanish wines in the world. El Coto is part of the Baron de Ley group, which includes the Baron de Ley winery of the same name. El Coto de Rioja offers a small selection of typical wines from the region, including reds, rosés and basic whites, as well as Reserva and Gran Reserva wines from the Coto de Imaz brand. Tempranillo is the most significant grape here, although Graciano, Grenache and Carignan are often found in wines.

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