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Campo Viejo The Red Blend 750ml


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Critic Score
Spanish Rioja Red
User Rating
3.75 Stars
Campo Viejo
Alcohol %
Pair With
Meat, Salad, Duck, Cheese, Vegetables, Shashlik
Color The wine is a deep ruby ​​red color. Taste The taste of wine is fresh, expressive, with soft tannins, good acidity and a long pleasant aftertaste. Aroma Bright aroma of the wine is characterized by notes of fresh berries and fruits, dominated by notes of black currant, blueberry and plum, as well as explicit spicy undertones and a slight plume of nuances of vanilla and coffee. Gastronomy The wine should be served to the traditional meat dishes, kebabs, as well as dishes of duck. It goes well with light vegetable salad and cheeses.
Critic Scores & User Ratings are based on an aggregated international Global Wine Score (GWS).
Campo Viejo The Red Blend 750ml - Item Code: 08605

Red wine “Campo The Viejo” Tempranillo is made ​​from grapes, whose name comes from the word “temprano”, which translated from Spanish means “early, early.” This is not surprising, since the distinctive feature of this variety is fast maturing and abundant. Tempranillo variety is found in most of the vineyards of Rioja, and its balanced, intense flavor and freshness stands out easily. Juice for the production of wine “Campo Viejo” is produced by spontaneity, under the influence of its own weight of berries. After fermentation, the wine is aged 4 months in barrels made of American oak, which reported the blame subtle spice notes.

The main wine-growing region of La Rioja is Spain – the area in which was born the tradition of winemaking, originating in the era of the Roman Empire. Accumulated since then the knowledge and experience of local winemakers passed down from generation to generation, that allows you to create unique, complex and increasingly high-quality wine.

Among the wines of Rioja occupies a special place products of the winery Campo Viejo, based on these fertile soils in 1959. High quality of products of the winery “Campo Viejo” owes much to the unique natural conditions of the Rioja region. Protected from the north and south of the mountains of Sierra de Cantabria and the Sierra de la Demanda, located in a valley overflowing of the river Ebro in the town of Logroño, winery occupies nearly 400 acres of land. However, apart from this area, the winery Campo Viejo also owns other vineyards with total length of 1900 hectares of vines on the age of not less than 20 years.

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Garnache is a black grape variety used to make black and blue fruit-forward red wines that are both lean and medium-bodied. While it is most notably cultivated in France (with over 230,000 acres), the grape itself is said to have originated in Spain, where it is known as ‘Garnacha' and flourishes owing to its tolerance for hot and dry conditions.

Garnache and Garnacha wine lovers all around the globe enjoy this grape's ability to be consumed young. Garnache's youthfulness gives way to fruit forwardness and a peppery character, all of which contribute to Garnache's drinkability. It is worth noting, however, that many old world winemakers are finding how much more flavorful this wine can become when matured. While attempting to strike a balance between the youthful taste characteristics, some vintners remark that the greatest heart in this type may be found in mature Garnache and Grenarche.

Garnache grapes mature late in the wine-growing season for the majority of producers. This need a longer growth season as well as hot and dry weather. Because it takes so long for the grape to mature, the sugar level in the grape at harvest is usually very high. The majority of Garnache and Garnache red wine mixes are dry, which means they have a high alcohol level.

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