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Bushmills Irish Whiskey 1.75L


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Bushmills Irish Whiskey 1.75L - Item Code: 07729

Irish Whiskey Varieties

Irish whiskey (Irish: Fuisce or uisce beatha) is a whiskey produced on the island of Ireland. The word "whiskey" (or whiskey) comes from the Irish (or Gaelic) uisce beatha, which means "water of life". Irish whiskey was once the most popular liquor in the world, although a prolonged period of decline from the late 19th century onwards severely damaged the industry, so much so that although Ireland boasted at least 28 distilleries in the 1890s, that number fell by 1966 ... up to two, and in 1972 the remaining distilleries, Bushmills Distillery and Old Midleton Distillery (replaced by New Midleton Distillery), were owned by only one company, the Irish Distillers. The monopoly situation was ended by an academically designed launch of the first distillery in decades, the Cooley distillery, in 1987 [5]. Since the 1990s, Irish whiskey has grown in popularity again and, since 1990, it has been the fastest growing alcoholic beverage in the world. With an annual growth of more than 15% in exports, the existing distilleries have been expanded and several new distilleries have been built. ... In December 2019, there were 32 distilleries operating in Ireland and an increase is planned or under development. However, many did not work long enough to produce locally matured whiskeys for sale, and only two, Bushmills in Northern Ireland and Kilbeggan, were in operation until 1975, the last with a long hiatus.

About the Producer: The Old Bushmills Distillery Co.

The Old Bushmills Distillery in County Antrim, Northern Ireland is the oldest licensed whiskey distillery in the world with a distillation concession dating back to 1608. The license was granted to Sir Thomas Phillips by King James I along with the lands of the area. the royal license is more than four centuries old and the distillery itself - and the company that bears its name - was only founded in 1784. It was a difficult start for the children's distillery, and there were several closures and long periods without alcohol production. Then, in 1860, two Belfast liquor merchants bought the facilities and began to distill in earnest, and in 1890 SS Bushmills brought the first bottles to the United States. Eventually, the company joined Jameson, Powers and Cork Distillers in the Irish Distillers Group. The distillery has 10 stills and the whiskey is distilled three times in the Irish way. It is then aged for three years in barrels of sherry and bourbon before blending. Like most Irish whiskeys, many Bushmills products are made from a mixture of malted and unmalted barley, as well as a mixture of distillation alcohols and canteen. The base version, Bushmills Original, is a lighter style of whiskey with a sweeter taste, while the heavier Black Bush contains a much higher percentage of malt and is therefore richer and has more pronounced aromas. The distillery also produces a variety of single malt whiskeys. , ages 10 to 21, plus the special Bushmills 1608 tax-free bottling, a luxurious blend of vintage whiskeys. Whiskeys have performed well in contests, especially Black Bush, and the distillery has a distinguishing feature - featured both in the note and in James Joyce's classic modernist novel, Ulysses. The company is currently owned by Jose Cuervo after being sold by Diageo in 2014.

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