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Blantons Gold Bourbon 750ml


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4.1 Stars
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Aperitif, Digestive
Color Whisky has a beautiful, bright amber color.Taste The taste is rich, with notes of citrus, fruit jam and spices, light honey notes and woody oak. The finish is long, with notes of apple, toffee and chocolate hues.Aroma Whiskey with a rich flavor with hints of chocolate, oak, citrus, vanilla and nuts.Gastronomy Bourbon Blanton's Gold Edition is good in its purest form, is excellent as a digestif.
Critic Scores & User Ratings are based on an aggregated international Global Wine Score (GWS).
Blantons Gold Bourbon 750ml - Item Code: 08561

Whiskey Blanton’s Gold Edition – is odnobochkovy bourbon manual production, which is produced in limited quantities. One of the barrels will be about 250 bottles, each of which has its own number. Bourbon Blanton’s Gold Edition is aged in oak barrels, burnt from the inside, and then passes the “cold” filtering. This soft and pure bourbon lovers will appreciate the quality of the product.

American Whiskey Varieties

American whiskey is whiskey (a distilled beverage made from fermented grain puree) produced in the United States. The main types of American whiskey are bourbon whiskey, rye whiskey, rye malt whiskey, malt whiskey, wheat whiskey, Tennessee whiskey and corn whiskey. All of them are made from mashed potatoes containing at least 51% of the aforementioned grains. 

Mixed whiskeys, whiskey blends, grain whiskeys and distilled whiskeys that do not indicate a dominant grain are also included. ... In the case of blends, American whiskey can include artificial colors and flavors. The laws governing the above products differ between products made for consumption in the United States and those exported abroad. 

With a wide variety in one category, American whiskey refers to any spirit drink made in America distilling fermented grain must - usually corn, wheat, rye or barley. American whiskey must be distilled to a maximum alcoholic strength of 95% and bottled with an alcoholic strength of 40% or higher. To be called pure whiskey, it must also be aged in white oak barrels for at least two years and must not contain any added color or flavor.

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