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Bacardi Anejo 1L

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International Wine & Spirit Competition, 2011: Silver
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Bacardi Anejo 1L - Item Code: 02289

Rum Varieties

From the pirate life on the high seas to the paradise islands of the Caribbean, perhaps no other spirit evokes a story as romantic as Rum.┬áProduced by the fermentation and distillation of molasses or freshly squeezed sugarcane juice, cacha├ža has an alcoholic content of 20% to more than 70% and comes in a range of shades from light to dark.┬áThe highest quality rum is normally produced in distillation stills and aged in wood, while the cheapest clear or "white" rum is produced in distillation stills and bottled without aging in barrels.┬áNaturally, rum is the basis for tropical cocktails like Dakiri and Mojito.

About the Producer: Bacardi

Bacardi is a renowned rum brand based in Cuba and now based in Puerto Rico. It is best known for its white rum, but produces many types of aged and flavored rum as well as pre-brewed drinks. Today, Bacardi owns several well-known liquor brands, including Gray Goose vodka, Dewar's whiskey and Bombay Sapphire gin. The brand was founded in 1862 when Catalan wine merchant Facundo Bacardi Masso and his brother Jos├ę founded a distillery in Santiago. of Cuba. Facundo was a pioneer in charcoal filtration, which, together with aging in white oak barrels, allowed him to produce what is generally considered the first white rum. Bats lived in the beams of the distillery, which inspired the company logo. Bacardi began expanding internationally in the 1910s, finding markets outside of Central America. However, Fidel Castro's rise in the 1950s proved a difficult task for the company, which ended up leaving Cuba in 1960 after its assets were confiscated. Fortunately, Bacardi had already transferred many of its assets, brands and formulas to the Bahamas even before the revolution and has already built factories in Mexico and Puerto Rico to reduce export taxes to the United States. Cuba, where the main brand is the state-owned Havana Club. Bacardi, somewhat confused, made a rum called Havana Club, buying the brand rights from the original owners after nationalization. This rum, sold throughout the United States, has been the subject of ongoing litigation. The extensive line of Bacardi rum comes from several Latin American countries and is led by the original Carta Blanca. First created in 1862, this rum is found in classic cocktails such as Mojito. Carta Oro is also charcoal filtered but aged in roasted oak barrels, while Carta Negra is aged in heavily charred barrels. Gran Reserva Ocho is made with cacha├ža from eight to 16 years old. It also dates back to Bacardi's early years of production, but has been spread to private families over the decades. Other brands include A├▒ejo, Ron Solera, Reserva Limitada and Oakheart Spiced Rum. In addition, the company produces a wide range of flavored white rums and a wide range of rum-based products, including Bacardi Breezers and various pre-made cocktails. Bacardi Group Limited is the world's largest privately and family-owned alcoholic beverage company, with several hundred different brands and labels. In 1993, Bacardi merged with Martini & Rossi and, in 1998, acquired Dewar's Scotch whiskey business.

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    Disgustoso gusto chimico.

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    Disgustoso gusto chimico.

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